A Timeline for Preparing for the Next School Year

With another school year behind us and summer well underway, you probably have a lot to prepare for the upcoming school year. Getting your K-12 lesson plans updated, combined with everything else on your to-do list, might seem both time-intensive and overwhelming. We’ve got a list of tips and a timeline to get your classroom and yourself ready.


Get Your Bulletin Boards Ready Early

Janitors don’t typically worry about the walls in your classroom when getting your classroom ready for the next school year. This lucky break means you can ready your bulletin boards as soon as the school year ends, around May or June. If you’re not sure yet about your beginning-of-the-year lesson plans, then consider putting up some colorful backdrops and worry about letters and bulletin board titles later.

Prepare Your Back-to-School Lessons

Once the start of July rolls around, you should consider back-to-school lesson plans. The first week of school is hectic, so it’s extremely helpful to prepare ahead of time. Starting early means you’ll be able to review your plans with time to make necessary revisions before the school year begins and other tasks demand your attention.

If you’re not quite sure where to start with your K-12 curriculum planning, you can always review TCI’s lesson plan offerings and textbooks. TCI offers an excellent interactive textbook program with hands-on assignments that students love. Using TCI’s K-12 lesson plans can save you a lot of time, since you won’t have to create everything from scratch, and can also benefit your students by getting them more active and involved with their learning. These two factors will help you teach better, save time, and increase your student’s learning potential.

Get Your Paperwork Ready

Most teachers know that their first week back at school means they have a lot of paperwork to send home to their student’s parents and caregivers. After you’ve got your lesson plans ready, make sure you prepare your forms early and edit them before the end of July. With this approach, all of that take-home paperwork ready to go on the first day of school. With this step complete, you’ll have this time-consuming project off your plate once the school year starts.

Prepare a Substitute Packet for Sick Days

It happens to everyone. To avoid feeling stressed out when you’re already ill, get a substitute packet together by the end of July. Make sure you have enough activities by organizing your plans ahead of time. You’ll be thankful that you’ve gotten this done before the inevitable sick day happens.

Make Copies

Once you’ve gotten these steps together, the last thing you need to do in your timeline is make copies of activities, lessons, take-home packets, and anything else you need. Organize them and have them ready for your incoming students. Having all of your copies ready to go will give you one less thing to do when the school year starts.

When you plan ahead, you’ll be able to reduce your stress during the first few weeks of the school year. Continue to check our blog for helpful tips as you prepare for the coming year, or browse for inspiration for in-class activities to transform your classroom into a hands-on learning environment.