5 Things You Need to Consider When Choosing a Curriculum

As you prepare your curriculum for the upcoming school year, it helps to have a system in place for selecting the best topics and activities to engage students in and out of the classroom. Today, we explore a few ideas and questions as you consider your curriculum choices.

1. What are your students’ learning styles?

While this may not be an easy question to answer for a large class full of unique personalities, you can start by considering the most common types of learning styles (visual, auditory, and kinesthetic) as you evaluate your curriculum for your students. Afterwards, you can look at the less common learning styles [CM1] and find ways to include additional perspectives to help students better comprehend the lesson.

2. Will the curriculum be as engaging as it is educational?

Ask yourself how the curriculum could be processed through group activities, discussions, or other interactive formats instead of a typical classroom-lecture structure. Students who are engaged in the lesson are more likely to remember the key concepts.

3. Increase the complexity and difficulty over time.

You want to be aware of the learning capabilities of your students, but you also want to challenge them as they progress through the school year. Starting students off easy in the first couple of lessons will help them to get back into the swing of learning. As the school year progresses, you can gradually increase the lesson difficulty to challenge students in a beneficial way. Think about the K-12 curriculum progression for your school and look at ways to aid preparation for the following year.

4. Introduce variety in your lesson presentation.

It can be tempting for some teachers to push through as much content as possible in their lessons so that their students will be prepared for the tests to get through the school year. However, by introducing a variety of teaching methods and activities, you’ll break up the pattern and keep things fresh and exciting.

5. Can you integrate technology into your lessons?

There is now more technology available to us than ever. Will you stick with “traditional” teaching methods or stay current with technological trends? Keeping up with tech trends can help strengthen your connections with tech-savvy students.

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